Tulips at RHS Wisley 2015

Tulips at Wisley

Tulips aren’t just found in Holland. Last year I showed you my pictures of the magnificent display of tulips at RHS Wisley.

Tulips display

And this year they’re back.

Tulips display

Just as bright and plump…

Pink tulips

Floral goblets.


Tulips from above

Pink tulips

Purple tulips

Colourful tulips

I particularly liked this unusual copper colour tulip called ‘Brown Sugar’:

Brown Sugar tulip

Cream and yellow tulips

And the ‘Candy Club’ tulip. A soft white, multi-headed flower that makes you look twice to take in its complex beauty:

Candy Club tulips

Tulips RHS

Tulips United States

And I loved the golden-yellow petals with a pink flush on the ‘Tulip Antoinette’ flowers (sashaying in the breeze for this photograph).

Tulip Antoinette

You can’t tell from the picture, but the pink tulips below (called the ‘Tulipa Belle de Monde’) were so tall, they came up to my hips!

Tulipa Belle de Monde

The tulips in the foreground of this photo are called ‘Tulipa Tricolette’ – striking and succulent.

Tulipa Tricolette

With some still yet to come…

Tulips display RHS Wisley

Pop out from the shadows into the sunshine that only tulips bring this Bank Holiday!

RHS Tulips display 2015

For opening times, visit the RHS Wisley website.

Cheerful faces
smiling by dresses
flaps and whaps, wraps up
striped air – colourful, so pretty
and sweet.
loves to be looked at,
longs to laugh and giggle in a smile
blinks in fluted days
tall and whimsy.

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