Tulips at RHS Wisley

Tulips at Wisley

Tulips are like colourful wine goblets, sprouting and spouting from the ground and there is a fantastically riotous clang of tulips at this very moment at RHS Wisley.

Tulips at Wisley

In fact there are over 350 varieties of glorious, resplendent tulips. It’s like the best of Amsterdam’s floral offerings have been carefully selected and planted for us all to admire.

Tulips at Wisley

I had no idea that tulips were this diverse! Of course, there were smooth, plump, soft flowers:

Plump tulips

And the more open, blousey kind of tulip:

Open tulips

And two tone tulips: (Just look at the rush of reds, yellows and oranges!)

Red and orange tulips

Juxtaposed against the sharper, feather-edged petals as shown in this amazing, clashing display of pink tulips:

Feathered edge tulips

Talking of, look at these dramatic chocolatey purple dark ones:

Van Gogh tulip

They’re called the Vincent van Gogh tulip, which start out white and become darker as they develop!

I don’t think I would have recognised some of the flowers to be tulips if I’d seen them in isolation – like these huge, red waxy flowers:

Waxy tulips

It’s an absolutely incredible display, I highly recommend a visit ASAP!

Wisley tulip display

Très chic tulipe

Très chic!

If you say ‘tulips’
with your two lips,
stems won’t chew hips
but will eclipse
with an ellipse 
of overlapping overlipping 
It slips from a tongue
– yours or mine –
as we listen to 
a pack of picketed thicket
rustling rattling. And riveting
everyone around. 

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