REN Evercalm

Ren Stop being so Sensitive

‘Stop Being So Sensitive’ – one instruction I wish my skin would adhere to.

Ren Evercalm skincare

Sensitive skin is a nightmare. Sensitivity can manifest in flushed cheeks, painful, itchy patches or even spots, with one common denominator: very red  skin.

REN have thankfully come up with a solution: a skincare range dedicated to combatting inflamed and sensitive skin, called Evercalm. I bought the trial set and really loved it!

REN Evercalm

My favourite is the Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk. A mild cleansing lotion that comes off well with warm water and a flannel. Perfection.

REN Evercalm

Anti-Redness Serum: a gently soothing serum to apply before your Day Cream.

REN Evercalm

Global Protection Day Cream. A very light moisturiser for calming inflamed skin.

I have to say, after just one week of using the Evercalm range, my skin is significantly less red already!

REN Stop Being So Sensitive Set is £15 from John Lewis.

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