Perfume notes: Dior Dolce Vita

Dior Dolce Vita perfume

Dolce Vita by Dior. The very name hints at the beautiful bouquet of notes in this fragrance.

A truly nostalgic scent, it evokes a sun-drenched Italian Riviera experienced from an open top car.

A soft magnolia flower is at the very top of the perfume formation, cushioned by a vanilla and cinnamon centre.

It’s playful and fresh, fruity and wonderful! An absolute dream to wear during the Summer months.

Dior Dolce Vita Eau de Toilette Spray starts at £39.50 for 30ml.

Disp the button
as it chases
a disappearing
wisp, crisply
peering out at dawn.

A thin ribbon, happy,
wound round sound
cylindrical spheres.

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