Perfume Notes: Gucci Flora

Gucci Flora

Gucci Flora is the perfect perfume companion for Spring.

It’s modern, floral and oriental, thanks to the thoughtful note structure: in the base there’s patchouli and sandalwood; what greets you first is the welcoming rose note in the middle and the smell of osmanthus flower, a rare and delicate flower that originates in China; and fresh top notes of citrus fruit and mandarin, as well as peony for an extra blouse-y boost.

I love the original but, like lots of perfumes (and indeed, people), Gucci Flora has bred and there are now six additional Gucci Flora fragrances, each focussing on a different flower.

When I was at university, I wore a different perfume for each year and in doing so created fragrance memories. Gucci Flora was my choice for third year and gruelling long library sessions were sufficiently enlivened up with my perfume!

So you could say it’s a very conscientious fragrance… a bookish ‘must-have’ and one that has happily followed me from the library.

Gucci Flora Eau de Toilette starts at £44 for 30ml.

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