Discontinued Beauty Products

Discontinued Beauty Products

Screaming would be unseemly for a blog.

But seriously. I hate it when my favourite beauty product gets discontinued.

You’ve finally found a fantastic product that you can depend on; a reliable item that dutifully escorts you to looking your best. It’s great either because it is quick and effective for your rapid beauty routine, or because it’s an indulgent luxury or perfume that you value because it makes you feel a little bit special. You love it because it really works and it is always there.

And then: the ultimate betrayal. That product is discontinued. Cue disproportionate frustration (and manic dash to the nearest shops!)

Here are some of my favourite discontinued beauty products and fragrances:

Clinique Simply Perfume

Clinique Simply perfume

I usually favour perfumes with crisp, complex floral notes, but Clinique Simply represents my journey into the lower, woody spicy family of fragrances. Everyone wants to know what this perfume is when I wear it; the warmth of the scent is lightened by gentle citrus tones. I’m now going to save the last few drops to keep in the bottle and smell straight from the nozzle! 

L’Occitane Orange Leaves Eau de Cologne

L'Occitane Orange Leaves

Another perfume I can’t comprehend being discontinued. The scent is delicious and sophisticated; it makes me relax and smile. It has a truly unrivalled citrus combination and I haven’t been able to find a sufficient replacement. ‘Orange Leaves’ transports me to an instant good mood. It’s cooling for a summer evening and on grey winter mornings takes me to that summer holiday in Paris where I first found this fragrance. I was delighted to discover it was available to buy in the UK a few years ago and utterly dismayed when it disappeared.

Dior Crème de Rose Lip Balm 

Dior Creme de Rose lip balm

Argh! I absolutely love this lip balm. Consider this an open letter to Dior to try and persuade them to bring it back (PLEASE!) It’s the most luxurious treat for your lips: within moments they’re soothed and smooth with fine ingredients such as Damask Rose essential oil extract working its soft magic. I was convinced I was singlehandedly propping up the sales figures with this product and cannot believe it has now been discontinued!

Benefit Georgia Blusher

Benefit Georgia

When I put this blusher/face powder on, it looks like someone has gently tweaked the ‘Temperature’ setting on iPhoto to make my face look slightly warmer. It is the best ‘bronzer’ for very pale skin and despite appearances never looks orange or pink on the skin. It smells like peaches. I just put a tiny bit on all over my face and load up the generous brush for extra oomph on my cheeks and the ‘I’ve just had a weekend away!’ look is sorted. I’ve still got a bit left which I’m going to take with me to the shops to find a good alternative.

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