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Beef Up Your Soup!

Beef soup recipe

Leftover food should not be an afterthought (especially when we’re talking about a particularly generous Sunday roast beef joint that I had for luncheon the other day.) Save what you can’t manage and allow to cool before refrigerating and livening up in a thick soup the next day. Dabble with a ladle, sluice your soup bowl and let flavourful frugality prevail!

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Chocolate Spiral Biscuits

Chocolate shortbread recipe

Some are busy spiralizing courgettes to make courgetti dishes (a portmanteau most succulent). Others use their spiralizers for carrots to bring style to quinoa.

So it’s with a cheeky felicity that I proffer these Chocolate Spiral Biscuits for your pudding bowls. (See? Spiral. Phonetically twinned!). Although that’s where the similarity ends.

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