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Lob Haircut

Lob haircut

We are just past our ankles in September and it is time for a change.

Filled with bold ambition to edge towards a slightly different look, and tired of sporting long lacklustre hair, I went for a lob at the hairdresser.

I wish I could say it was down to some shrewd fashion forecasting on my part, that I went in armed with a scrapbook full of notions of a mane designed to rouse the motions, but, before I could  get comfortable in my push-up chair, my hairdresser simply barked ‘Lob!’ at me. Continue reading Lob Haircut

‘Vogue 100’ at the National Portrait Gallery

Vogue 100 National Portrait Gallery

Evelyn Waugh looks, frankly, like he’s just read a line from one of his own books in the silent section of the library, and is relying on his bracing hands on his knees to give him the strength necessary to resist the inevitable eruption of giggles from within. Waugh’s gaze seems past us, slightly over our shoulders, in Irving Penn’s square photograph from 1952. His thick wool suit is more creased than his forehead, near where the top of the photograph ends.

National Portrait Gallery Vogue 100

Vogue 100 National Portrait Gallery

Snowdon’s verbose (can we use that word to describe an image?) photograph of Salman Rushdie in his London home shortly after he won the Booker Prize for Midnight’s Children shows Rushdie in a Windsor chair in the corner of the room, head turned towards us, chin in his hand, bathetic.

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Autumn Lookbook Part One

The Surrey Edit

What to wear on spectacularly dreary Autumn days is a point to ponder. In times of sartorial uncertainty (and when I need to smile) I consult my homemade book of fashion maxims written by yours truly, c. 15 years ago. It tells me: ‘Grey weather does not mean we forgo style’. Not a greatly poetic line, but we’ll take it, as it’s certainly workable.

White Stuff Autumn

When White Stuff asked me if I fancied picking a few pieces following my visit to their new Guildford store, I swooned with joy at the opportunity to work a little style into a grey November Sunday!

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