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Shere Hollywood in Surrey

Shere Surrey

I love living in Surrey. Historic villages interspersed with pockets of verdant countryside. Houses huddled around village greens. Busy cobbled high streets with hills rolling in the background. The best of town and country. Over and over.

One of the brightest jewels in Surrey’s crown is Shere, near Guildford. Every corner is beautiful.

Shere Village Surrey

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Dreamy Chocolate Sponge and Sauce

Chocolate sponge

Your new favourite Autumnal dessert is right here. It’s a delicious double whammy of chocolate: the most perfect chocolate sponge covered in a silky creamy chocolate sauce. You make the sponge like a tray bake and watch it rise (cake rising in the oven is my favourite show) as it becomes a super springy chocolate cake with an air-whipped centre. So it’s incredibly light, yet naughtily rich. If you bake this for your friends pour the chocolate sauce into a little jug so everyone can serve their own as they please. Just get ready to divulge the recipe afterwards! Good thing it’s very easy to prepare…

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Very Special Pasta Bake

Pasta Bake recipe


This pasta bake needs little introduction. It’s best described as the most delicious and nutritious macaroni cheese you’ll ever eat. A sort of macaroni cheese-verde. I use elicoidali pasta shapes, which are like a giant version of macaroni, making every mouthful extremely satisfying and substantial, covered in a thick homemade cheese sauce with finely chopped bacon, leeks and spinach. It’s very straightforward and wonderfully indulgent, perfect for an Autumn dinner.

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