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Autumn Lookbook Part One

The Surrey Edit

What to wear on spectacularly dreary Autumn days is a point to ponder. In times of sartorial uncertainty (and when I need to smile) I consult my homemade book of fashion maxims written by yours truly, c. 15 years ago. It tells me: ‘Grey weather does not mean we forgo style’. Not a greatly poetic line, but we’ll take it, as it’s certainly workable.

White Stuff Autumn

When White Stuff asked me if I fancied picking a few pieces following my visit to their new Guildford store, I swooned with joy at the opportunity to work a little style into a grey November Sunday!

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Beef Up Your Soup!

Beef soup recipe

Leftover food should not be an afterthought (especially when we’re talking about a particularly generous Sunday roast beef joint that I had for luncheon the other day.) Save what you can’t manage and allow to cool before refrigerating and livening up in a thick soup the next day. Dabble with a ladle, sluice your soup bowl and let flavourful frugality prevail!

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