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What To Wear To A September Wedding

… And not look like another guest there.  ‘Unique outfit compilation stress’ is the corollary of weddings.

You find a beautiful brand new this season dress, splendidly wedding-ready and a blazer to match (on the next hanger? Wow that was easy!). But then you realise that someone else could have had the same idea and bought an identical ensemble. STRESS!

Autumn wedding outfits

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Breton Fashion

French Connection County Cotton striped dress

Sales Ahoy!

I refuse to believe that I’m the only one this impacts: absent-mindedly wandering through the sales in shops, picking up a few half price pieces and getting home only to realise that everything matches. Not in the matchy-matchy sense; but your purchases somehow conform to a trend. No bad thing, but it’s curious when it happens when you’re unaware.
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Festival Survival Kit

What to pack for a festival…

festival survival kit

Festival season is almost upon us and packing economically while preparing for scenarios (hopefully) only found at festivals can be tricky. But when you see the queue for the showers, you’ll be grateful to have packed the things you need to maintain a fresh festival-chic look!

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Fashion: Pastel colours

Pastel fashion

If being à la mode is high on your list then pastel fashion is the way to go right now.

Go with me on this and you may feel inspired to grab your knitting needles / chop sticks (whichever is closest to hand). Picture a basket full of round crocheted goods including a knitted peach, a crafted duck egg duck’s egg and a soft grey pebble. Coddle this basket, for it is your fashion inspiration for Spring.

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