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‘Letters of Note’ Review

Letters of Note

You will have heard of Letters of Note. It has been an online sensation that has divulged the secret thoughts of significant figures in history by publishing their clandestine letters. A collection of otherwise undisclosed feelings and ideas between fascinating characters and interesting people. Now there’s a book, a beautiful, illustrated, hardback book.

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Breton Fashion

French Connection County Cotton striped dress

Sales Ahoy!

I refuse to believe that I’m the only one this impacts: absent-mindedly wandering through the sales in shops, picking up a few half price pieces and getting home only to realise that everything matches. Not in the matchy-matchy sense; but your purchases somehow conform to a trend. No bad thing, but it’s curious when it happens when you’re unaware.
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Blueberry Bundt Cake

blueberry cake recipe

A few weeks ago I had some friends round for an impromptu afternoon tea. I opened the fridge for inspiration and was greeted by a punnet of fresh blueberries. I posted a picture of the cake on Instagram and thought I would share the recipe on here! It’s very easy to bake that you definitely don’t need to bake two bundts to hold up and wear as glasses.
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