Clinique Cheek Contouring Palette

Clinique Contour

I know, I hadn’t thought of ‘contouring my cheeks’ before either.

Clinique Contouring blush

And, if I’m honest, happily I still haven’t!

The main attraction of Clinique’s Sculptionary Cheek Contouring Palette for me was the fact that it looked like it had been pinched from a Georges Braque cubist masterpiece.

I have (since taking the above photo) slushed the brush around and around and mixed up my own blush colour every day for a cheeky bit of Spring flush. And it has been lovely to use!

Clinique contour palette

I chose the peachy ‘Defining Nectars’ colour in a wild departure from my usual safety pink.

The Surrey Edit

The Surrey Edit

Blush for a happy face!

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