Weekend in Chichester


A few weeks ago I went to Chichester for a quick trip.


I say ‘a few weeks’ but flicking through these pictures again it looks remarkably like a different species of season!


Remember the warm blanket of sun wrapping itself rapidly round and round you? The permanent sensation of sunglasses on your head? Retrieving a flip flop with the tips of your toes from a firmly horizontal position on a sun lounger in such a way as to not disturb your 99 flake ice cream? Continue reading Weekend in Chichester

Lob Haircut

Lob haircut

We are just past our ankles in September and it is time for a change.

Filled with bold ambition to edge towards a slightly different look, and tired of sporting long lacklustre hair, I went for a lob at the hairdresser.

I wish I could say it was down to some shrewd fashion forecasting on my part, that I went in armed with a scrapbook full of notions of a mane designed to rouse the motions, but, before I could  get comfortable in my push-up chair, my hairdresser simply barked ‘Lob!’ at me. Continue reading Lob Haircut