Rituals, Ritual

Rituals beauty

I like to alight from a hectic week by setting a scented candle alight.


This is often preceded by a long bath or shower, which in turn induces crinkly fingertips that actually prove very useful for gripping my book as I round off the evening of relaxation. Soft and indulgent moments indeed.

My relaxation weapons of choice are from Rituals.

Rituals Spring Garden Candle £21 The candle that smells how this picture looks:

Garden scene

Fresh and beautiful. Counters the Autumn chill perfectly.

Rituals Hammam Delight Shower Foam £8.50 A gel that excitingly transforms from gel to foam when it makes contact with water.

Rituals Ginkgo Secret Hand Balm £10 Soften those hard working hands with an invigorating cream enriched with ginseng.

Relaxis praxis.
Swivels on its axis
for calming tactics,
and soothing antics,
relents regaling chat.
To avail a chance of
healing time
would mean knocking
it down in rhyme.

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