Blooming Spring!

Pink magnolia tree

The Magnolia tree in the garden is beyond beautiful.

Pink magnolia tree

Just look at it!

Magnolia Tree in bloom

The petals change colour and shape as their time in bloom draws on…

Magnolia tree in bloom

I love peering between the petals and looking at the carpet of yellow primroses below.

Magnolia tree and primroses

Yellow Primroses

Spring delight! And our pheasant-in-residence agrees!

Magnolia tree and pheasant

Magnolia tree

Pink. Perk. Pert.
Percale. Petal.
Petallike. Metallic.
Shining shy up to the light,
Tiny sheets of round down around.

Slips through fingers,
cool and waxy.
Cups of secrets rooted in
ever-changing shoot stems.

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