Bird Activity

Blue tit on window sill

Time for a little ornithological existentialism. On my window sill I have a little toy bird in a birdcage (quaint!) and every single day a blue tit bird comes to visit. It’s the first thing I hear in the morning: the sound of the blue tit delicately landing on the window to see the bird-in-cage ornament.

And throughout the day the blue tit will come and go to visit the toy bird. Once I moved the birdcage from the window sill for a couple of days (interieur designeur) and the blue tit vanished, only reappearing when the toy bird was put back in its place.

Blue tit on window sill

I’ve tried to do a bit of research to find out why the blue tit is so fascinated by the toy bird, but I can’t find any information. I’m thrilled that the little blue tit has made a friend.

Any ideas? Tweet me (ha! Sorry) @surreyedit – I’ll update this post with fruitful gleanings.

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