Perfume Notes: Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne

Jo Malone Red Roses

Buying someone perfume can be tricky as fragrance is such a personal choice (or ‘fun’ if your nose and nostrils enjoy acrobatics!).

But it’s still a lovely and thoughtful gift to give, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Enter Jo Malone Red Roses. Why give a dozen red roses when you can deliver the fragrance of bouquet of roses every single day?

I know I’ve written about this stunning perfume before on here, but I love it fervently. It’s a very modern rose scent. Perfectly powerful, punchy and ever so slightly peppery. And you can make one bottle last a very long time.

With a spritely lemon top note, a singing chorus of seven of the world’s finest roses in the middle and a sweet honeycomb base note, it will have you dancing for joy. Jo Malone perfumes always make fantastic presents as they come beautifully gift wrapped (cue further joy dancing).

It’s a very popular fragrance, and you can also buy the Jo Malone Red Roses scent in various forms: a Red Roses Body Crème, Red Roses Candle, Red Roses Room Diffuser and Red Roses Soap.

I promise every woman would love a bottle of Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne this Valentine’s Day.

Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne is £82 for a large 100ml bottle or £40 for a smaller 30ml bottle.

Red Roses

When I go to draw a rose
my pencil
starts with a spiral
spin, spin, pin
a storm of circularity
in the heart
the middle.

Although it’s not thinking about
only who has sent
it for my vase
and flower press
and poetry notebook.

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