The Adventure of English

Melvyn Bragg UCL

My favourite word of the moment is ‘Mountweazel’. My curious fingertips stumbled across this short article in the New Yorker from 2005 which explains Mountweazels more succinctly than I ever could. Did you know that dictionaries often add in fictitious words as a copyright trap? The article states that the 2005 edition of the New Oxford American Dictionary contains a made-up word beginning with ‘E’ and a shortlist of six possible Mountweazels surfaced and the list was sent to various lexicography experts and they (correctly) agreed that the word ‘esquivalience’ was the imposter (I admit, of the list, that’s not the one I would have chosen!). I summoned my Dictionary programme that lies in the dock area of my Mac and typed in ‘esquivalience’ and there lies a definition consistent with the false entry from the NOAD:


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The Ultimate Hand Care Guide

My hands. Sometimes good for jazz and flashy haptic flashes. But often not good at bending. My fingers crack and bleed. Skin struggles to stay connected.

As an eczema sufferer for over 10 years, I’ve tried almost every hand cream available from cheap supermarket own brand lotions to high-end luxury hand balms. I’m frequently asked for advice when it comes to hand care simply because everyone knows I’m never without a tube of hand cream on me! So here are my favourite hand creams and I’ve explained my hand care routine that I’ve created over the last few years to help treat my severely dry, inflamed and irritated skin.

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Stuffed Courgette Recipe

Courgette recipe

We’ve had a very impressive crop of courgettes this year and there’s nothing better than eating the fruits of your labour fresh from the garden. Here’s a delicious and fast recipe for stuffed courgettes. Depending on how hungry you are / what meal this is for, it can be served as a vegetarian starter or as a main with a poached chicken breast or anything that takes your fancy!

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What To Wear To A September Wedding

… And not look like another guest there.  ‘Unique outfit compilation stress’ is the corollary of weddings.

You find a beautiful brand new this season dress, splendidly wedding-ready and a blazer to match (on the next hanger? Wow that was easy!). But then you realise that someone else could have had the same idea and bought an identical ensemble. STRESS!

Autumn wedding outfits

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