The Surrey Edit in the Press

Cosmo Blog Awards Newcomer shortlist

The Surrey Edit has been featured in my local paper reporting the (very exciting!) news that my blog has made the shortlist in Cosmopolitan magazine’s Cosmo Blog Awards. I’m in the Newcomer category, in association with the clothing store Next. Click on the article to make it bigger to read all about it!

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Matisse ‘The Cut-Outs’ at Tate Modern

Tate Modern

Movement was very important to artist Henri Matisse (1869-1954). His art has a particularly playful energy, and none more so than in his later works. Health problems in the early 1940s meant that his physical mobility was limited, but he would not let his creativity be held back in the same way. He created a new method of working by using cut out shapes from painted paper to produce a new form of art. The exhibition at the Tate Modern explores Matisse’s development of this technique: The Cut-Outs.

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