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French Connection County Cotton striped dress

Sales Ahoy!

I refuse to believe that I’m the only one this impacts: absent-mindedly wandering through the sales in shops, picking up a few half price pieces and getting home only to realise that everything matches. Not in the matchy-matchy sense; but your purchases somehow conform to a trend. No bad thing, but it’s curious when it happens when you’re unaware.

Precisely this is what happened to me last week. In one morning I bought a pair of deck shoes, grabbed a chunky blue and white striped jumper and singled out a coral and white cotton dress. I only noticed that my sartorial compass must be onto something when I bundled the lot into my wash basket.

Surely it demonstrates the universal presence and appeal of the nautical trend. Bateau-neckline tops that cut high straight across your collarbone (my personal favourite shaped tops), striking horizontal stripes and a whole lot of navy blue.

Here are my top Breton picks from the sales:

Breton fashion

Joules and Jigsaw

Bertie Lester shoes

Nautical fashion look

Breton nautical fashion

Dress: French Connection. From £62 to £31.
Shoes: Bertie. From £59 to £29.
Jumper: (over the shoulders) Joules. From £59.95 to £24.95.
Top: Jigsaw £35.
Details of outfits can be found on my Pinterest Fashion board.

Sales. Sale. Sails. Sail
Dresses, come to me!
Followed by wandering shoes
And sweaters, waiting so p-a-t-i-e-n-t-l-y

(in stripes) of course
With deep blues and creams scattered around.
I should stand akimbo for the lines to work
Or at least for the marks to abound! 

(I feel that rhyming poetry is out of fashion, for no reason, apart from ^ that ^ and the serious lack of metrics).

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