Cherkley Court

Cherkley Court entrance

Cherkley Court image

I visited Cherkley Court in Leatherhead in 2007 when the gardens were open to the public and the house was to be viewed on named occasions; a bright orangery spilled out onto a terrace where one could sip tea and be fed on the spectacular view of the Surrey Hills.

Cherkley Court terrace

Featuring manicured gardens as colourful as its history and a beautifully carved grotto underneath the house, Cherkley Court seemed like the perfect addition to Surrey’s plethora of historic houses and gardens.

Cherkley Court Grotto

Then all change.

For over two years there has been a drawn out battle between developers (who want to build a golf course and luxury hotel on the site) and residents, and it’s still unresolved.

Cherkley Court gardens

I wanted to show you my photographs as I think they convey the tranquil atmosphere of Cherkley Court and how lovely it was as a house and gardens to look round (you can click on each picture to make it bigger!) I wish someone could save Cherkley Court and preserve it so that more people can enjoy it as a place of historic interest to visit.


Cherkley Court

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