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Pure Collection, ReigatePure Collection shop, Reigate

Tone of voice: sotto voce.

I am drawn to cashmere with the same enthusiasm as a young moth: keen and eager to get amongst the goods. I’ve long been convinced of its powerfully soothing properties. The understanding touch of buttery wool as it envelopes my skin is addictive. It marmalades an ensemble as it hums adoringly.

So I wasn’t entirely surprised when I found myself happily surrounded by cashmere clothes in the Pure Collection shop in Reigate last week. Hey, I wasn’t going to start resisting the enchantment of a new shop, let alone the lure of a new cashmere shop.

I was already a big fan of the Pure Collection catalogue and regularly flick through the pages offering sumptuous cashmere sweaters, silk blouses and big leather clutch bags, so I jumped at the opportunity to actually inspect goods in the shop before buying.

It’s a refreshing transition too, from catalogue to high street store. And good news: there will be another new Pure Collection shop in Guildford soon. Dive in and gird your cashmere!

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